Best Adult Toys Store in 2018


Need to make your loved one or your fantasy come true? Or do you want to feed a lifelong fetish? Or are you exploring your own sexuality? Regardless of the reason, this guide will help you find the best adult toys store in 2018. Read on!

  1. Harts and Desires

Established in 2003, Harts and Desires is an erotic company that is operated by Mike and his wife. They have a variety of pleasurable and self-enhancing items that include sex toys, lingerie’s, lotions, creams, and motions. Besides, they also specializes in women accessories and toys.

They strive to offer a safe and affirming products for everyone. Whether you are looking for couples adult toys, masturbation toys, kinks or strap ons, you will surely find something that will delight and tantalize you.

  1. Hustler Hollywood

Hustler is a judgment free store. They are governed by unbiased and knowledgeable staffs that will offer advice, tips, and product suggestions that will meet your desire. The website is a part of an empire build by Larry Flynt, a person who is not ashamed of talking about sex.


The stores message is about free expression on sexual matters. Whether you are looking for vibrators, couple toys, kinks, lubes or even lingerie’s, they have got you covered. Besides, if you are not sure about the right product that will work for, talk to the experienced and seasoned customer care and they will offer you the services you need. Additionally, you can browse the site depending on the product that you are looking for. With an easy to use search bar, just type in the keyword and the list of all available products and sizes will pop up.

  1. Secrets Pleasure

Based in Washington, Secrets Pleasure is an educational based sex shop. They strive to provide safe, comfortable, judgment free and nurturing space for people to identify and enjoy and explore their sexuality. Besides, they are committed to offering a comprehensive sex guide and education using the safest products in the market.

Therefore, it means that they do not offer rubber latex and PVC toys or lubricants that have harmful and chemical additives. Additionally, you can feel comfortable sopping here knowing that the products they offer are not only fun to use but also safe for you to use.

  1. Bite the Fruit

Established in 2012, Bite the Fruit is an adult based novelty shop. It promotes healthy sensual and sexual exploration. It is worthy to note that the shop is gay operated and owned retail store that serves couples, individual regardless of their sexual orientation, experience, kin persuasion and expertise.

Bite the Fruit

Besides, they provide stimulating apparel and sensual furnishings meant for people who want to adventure, those who are mildly curious and every other person. Additionally, they also offer active, seasonal and intimate clothing that include women fantasy wears and men’s underwear. In addition, from this shop you can shop for ho-to books, adult and erotica movies.

  1. Adam and Eve

With over 45 years of experience, Adam and Eve is a USA based sex toy. They have a good reputation and reliable adult store. If you want to shop for erotic toys, think Adam and Eve. Whether gay, straight, male or female or anywhere between, they have all that you may desire to have in your bedroom to explore your sexual and pleasurable points.

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