How to Create a Live Sex Cam Website

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Live sex cam industry is a multi-billion industry. There are many ways in which you can join this industry and make money. If you don’t want to make camera performances, you can still make money in this camming niche by creating your sex cam website. This article goes through how to create a camming website.

Create Your Own Live Sex Cam Website

There are a lot of available scripts and services that will help you to build your adult camming site. The scripts take care of all site codings and continuously releases site updates for improvement of your sex cam website. All you need is to do product branding to have the site as your own. You will then have the site up and learning. Some of the best available scripts include:

Video Chat Script

Video chat script helps you to organize your live sex cam website. All the whistles and bells that you want to put in place will be easily and quickly deployed.

Xcams Script

This script enables you to create you love sex cam chat portals with features of pay per view cams. All you need in your camming network will be taken care of including studio accounts and independent models. This will also include adult friendly payments gateways that are built in.


Other than being a live streaming software, model net also features a wide variety of models that you can be able to feature in your site. This is crucial especially as you start up your sex webcam website as you won’t have many models.

Hot Girl

The site where the models belong to will earn a part of the revenue she earns on your website. You can also feature your models on other sites which will make money for both you and your model.

Creating A Webcam Website Using WordPress

As technology grows tremendously, web development has become more comfortable. You can now build a professional website for live sex models easily without the knowledge of coding or HTML. All you need to do is register your website name, do web hosting and create your website by installing WordPress. The WordPress visual editor will enable you to create a good model site easily.


This concept involves rebranding an already existing webcam network. The only thing that you require to do is to promote your white labelled website. Other stuff including recruiting models, product development, technical aspects and payment processing will be taken care of by the camming network. You will be able to change the sites colour scheme, theme website elements, and uploading your logo of choice.


You will earn a revenue share of any site traffic that spends money on your white-labelled webcam website. You will have the option of choosing the niches and model categories that you want. What you just need to do is design the camming site, direct the nameservers of the domain to their servers and you will be hitting the road.


With the various ways presented above, you now have an idea of how to create a cam website. To create an excellent cam site, you need to have a payment method, proper system, good hosting and perfect cam program. Take a step today and start making money by creating your cam site.

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