How To Hide Your Mistress From Your Wife


Marriage is not a bed of roses, and even if it were, every rose has thorns which people swear to endure in front of a priest and witnesses. Unfortunately, maybe by then they are usually too blind in love that they would say anything and when kids start college, and they take out a mortgage, the pressure leads them to one consolation, an affair.

Whatever the reason that pushes you to the arms of another woman, you should strive to keep your wife from finding out that you are cheating on her. It will not only break her heart but your family as well. So, how do you ensure you keep your family intact?

Let your lies have elements of truth in them

It is hard to remember a lie than truth, therefore, keep your lies as close as possible to the facts. Changing your story every time your wife asks where you were screams infidelity.


So, if you are meeting your mistress in a restaurant out of town, tell your wife you will be meeting an associate for lunch in a particular place. That way, you have told her the truth about where you are going and partially what you will do.

Always shower before you go home

Women notice everything; cheap perfume, hair on your jacket that does not match their hair colour, or lipstick on your neck. Your wife will notice any strange smell you bring home so shower before heading back. However, if you feel that she will get suspicious of how you are always fresh after a hard day at work, be smart and buy your mistress the exact perfume as your wife’s.

She will think your clothes caught the scent from the goodbye hug she gave you as you left for work in the morning.

Have a genuine excuse on why you need to be away

If you plan to meet your mistress regularly, you will have to create extra hours from your regular schedule. Therefore if you work from 9 am to 5 pm, join the gym or tennis team.


You will need to practice more to get good at your game which will necessitate you to stay out late. Also, if your job entails field work, you can ensure you are among those who do the work away from the office especially when the sites you will be visiting are in your mistress’s hometown.

Erase your conversations

If you have been sexting all day with your mistress, always remember to delete the texts. If there were long phone calls, erase them too since some wives will snoop the call log to see who you spend your day talking to and any long conversations will raise the alarm.

No matter how much a message she sent affected you, do not be stupid to be sentimental about it and keep it for future references. Erase any evidence that will land in trouble.

Keep your affair a secret

You are a fully-grown man who does not have to tell his friends everything about his life. Regardless of how hot your mistress is, keep your affair to yourself.

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