Is Sexting Cheating?


Nowadays when everyone has become addicted to their phones, so much information is exchanging hands. It’s not wrong to text, but when such messages are flirtatious and suggestive, yet you are sending them to a person you are not in a relationship with, then it amounts to cheating. You may reason that you have not done anything other send a message, but sexting is cheating because:

It makes you desire that person

When you sext your spouse or someone you are seeing, then your mind can’t get them out of your head. You will rush home to be with them.

However when the recipient is not your spouse, you will begin desiring them, and sometimes you will think about them more than you do your spouse. When that happens, your spouse no longer becomes attractive which strains your relationship.

You begin to fantasize

Some sexts are full of hot descriptions of what a person is thinking about doing to you. The minute you get such a sext, you begin to fantasize about how it can happen in reality.

It becomes even worse when what they are talking about does not happen with your spouse, so you wish you had that other person instead of your spouse to satisfy you sexually.

It captures your concentration away from your spouse

When you receive messages that turn you on, you will keep checking your phone wondering when that other person will send another steamy text. Even if you are discussing with your spouse, your concentration is on the phone and not what they are saying. You, therefore, start denying your significant other the attention they deserve as your eyes stay glued on your phone’s screen.

Builds unhealthy expectations

People send flirtatious texts of things they wish they could do or have. Unfortunately, if you take them so seriously, you will wind up feeling your spouse is not giving you as much as that other person would.

woman using her mobile phone in bed

You begin to have unrealistic expectations in your relationship which will significantly affect your relationship, more so when those expectations are in bed. Putting your partner down and suggesting new stuff in the bedroom can drive away your partner as they question why they no longer satisfy you.

Causes attachment

Once you begin to text someone on sexual matters, you go to other topics such as life, family, among others. Getting someone who listens creates a deep connection which becomes hard to severe even when you realize you are doing something wrong.


Your spouse can also find it hard to accept that you are sharing your innermost thoughts with another person rather than with them which will hinder any reconciliation that could take place.

Creates a barrier

Sometimes the sexting can go on for so long that you no longer feel the need to hide from your spouse that you are always on the phone. They may not know that you’re sending flirtatious messages but they will think that you are with them, but your thoughts are elsewhere which prevents meaningful communication.

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