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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Packaging Strategies with East Colors?

by Laurence

East Colors is a one-stop and high-end quality paper packaging company that was first set up in 1997 and has worked with global companies. One of the core features of east colors is that they not only provide customized packaging as per their client’s needs but also the packaging is designed to reflect the client’s brand’s aesthetic and values.

Choosing the Right Packaging for Your Products

Consider the Size and Weight of Your Products

The size and weight of your product are important factors in determining the best packaging for it. You must choose packaging that is large enough to hold your product while also protecting it adequately. If your product is heavy, you’ll need to select packaging that can support its weight while also protecting it during transit. You should also consider the packaging dimensions, as they will affect the shipping cost of your product.

Look for Durable Materials

The packaging material you select should be strong enough to withstand transit handling while also protecting your product from damage. If you’re shipping glassware or electronics, for example, you’ll need packaging that can absorb shock and prevent breakage of the product. Use of bubble wrap and foam during packaging can help protect fragile items during transit.

It is also critical to consider the packaging’s environmental impact. Choosing sustainable or biodegradable packaging materials can help to reduce carbon waste and lessen environmental impact.

Understand Your Legal Requirements

Understanding legal requirements is critical before selecting packaging. There may be regulations requiring specific packaging depending on the type of product you are shipping. Food products, for example, must follow FDA regulations regarding packaging and labeling.

Additionally, questionable materials, such as certain plastics or hazardous materials, may be prohibited for use in packaging. Understanding legal requirements can help you avoid penalties and ensure that your product reaches its destination safely and legally.

Why East Colors?

Customized & Sustainable Packaging

East Colors’ custom packaging is one of the most effective packaging strategies they use. Each order is packaged in a custom box that incorporates their client’s brand logo as well as signature design elements such as their distinct color palette and patterns.

East Colors’ identity emphasizes sustainability, which is reflected in their packaging strategy. When possible, the company uses eco-friendly materials, such as recycled cardboard for custom boxes and biodegradable packing materials.

Personalized & Consistent Packaging

East Colors’ packaging strategy also includes personalization. Each order comes with a personalized note from East Colors thanking the customer for their purchase and inviting them to share feedback or tag the brand on social media. This interaction builds a bond between the brand and the customer, encouraging them to interact with the brand beyond the purchase.

East Colors’ packaging is no exception when it comes to consistency. From the custom boxes to the tissue paper and labels, East Colors uses a consistent color palette and design elements across all the packaging materials as per their intended client’s needs.


Want to work with a custom packaging manufacturer who will provide you with attention grabbing packaging for your product that is durable, eco-friendly and innovative? Whether you are small time business owner, entrepreneur, or even a renowned brand, check out East Colors for custom packaging of your product.

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