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Types of fabrics for the hoodie

by Laurence

The hoodie is one of the most fantastic inventions in garments history. There was a time when hoodie was only worn by athletes and sportsmen. But the era has come where you can see the hoodie in everyone’s wardrobe. Hoodies are garments that not only suit men it also looks good on women. Even you can now buy a hoodie for your little children. The layered hoodie is popular as it is best for the winter season. Besides the brand hoodies, numerous hoodies are manufactured every day to promote reunions, attend family functions, or for party nights with friends. Over time customizable clothing is coming into the trend, and it will keep on growing.

Customized hoodies are used for marketing techniques and business exposure. And if you are planning a reunion a customized hoodie can make you and your friends feel nostalgic about your past times. For designing the hoodie you should first go for a reliable printing company. But before that, you should focus on the quality and color of the fabric. Let’s discuss the fabrics that can help you in making customized hoodies.

Cotton fabric

As cotton is most commonly used in garments and clothes as natural fibers are used in making cotton garments. The hoodies made from cotton can be highly absorbent. The hoodies made from cotton are generally used casually and for sports persons. You don’t have to worry if you are doing exercises and intensive activities, the fibers of cotton will make your body dry. One of the benefits of cotton hoodies is that you will not feel exhausted even if you wear the hoodie all day. The reason is that cotton fabrics are highly comfortable to wear. Cotton is also blended with various fibers to create a fabric. Polyester is an example of that.

Fleece fabric

Fleece hoodies are mainly used in winter as fleece fabric is best to keep your body warm. Whether you want to gift a hoodie to someone or want to use it for yourself, a fleece hoodie is perfect. The reason is that fleece is a mixture of cotton and wool, and it is a soft and cuddly type of fabric. These hoodies are used extensively in low-temperature areas. Climbers and trekkers are the most common buyers of these hoodies. Although there are so many benefits of fleece hoodies, the fleece does not catch stains easily that’s why one can easily maintain a fleece hoodie. For adding durability to the fleece you can add other materials to the fleece fabric.

Nylon fabric

The hoodies made from nylon are best for party wear, as these are worn occasionally. Nylon is a good fabric for that purpose as it gives a shiny look to your hoodie. Although it is not used more often, for functions and events you should consider it. One of the advantages of a nylon hoodie is that it is resistant to water up to some extent. Wearing a nylon hoodie will stop the water penetration inside because of its fibers. Many companies create mixed material hoodies by blending nylon with other fabrics.

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