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3 Tips for better kissing

Incorporate flavour

Tasting sweet lips makes you feel like you have landed in heaven. Get some flavour and put it on your lips. If your partner loves strawberry, get an edible chap stick and apply on your lips. Your partner will want to kiss you endlessly as he enjoys his favourite flavour as well.

Focus elsewhere other than lips

You do not have to focus your kisses on the lips only. Your partner has an entire body worth of kisses so plant kisses on the forehead as you hold their head softly in your hands. You can also kiss their neck and leave a hickey as a keepsake. You may hold their hands and move from the fingertips upwards, and it will build up the momentum to a hot kissing session.

Say you want it

Just saying how much you want to kiss your partner is a definite turn on. It does not have to be face to face; even through text will have them racing to come for that kiss.

Surprise your Man

Repair something he loves

Your man may have a shirt he does not want to throw away maybe because it has some sentimental value to him. You can repair it for him, wrap it up and present it to him. If it is something technical like a motorcycle, you can get help and surprise him with a fully functional ride.

Surprise trip

You can get a travel deal when you both have time to spare and take your man on a surprise getaway trip.

Take lunch to him

Your husband does not always have to eat at a restaurant during working days. You can cook him his favorite meal and surprise him with lunch at the office. You can also attach a sweet message that will make him eager to come back home.

Spice up your love life

Do something in the bedroom that is out of the ordinary such as incorporating some whip cream or honey. He is sure to love it.

What we Offer

Among our many services, we provide you with tips for better relationships. Every relationship goes stale at one point or another, and we are here to ensure it does not remain dead. With our tips on how to keep your spouse happy, we help to keep your marriage as blissful as it was on your wedding day.

We acknowledge that sex is vital for any relationship to be healthy and offer you sex tips to spice things up in your bedroom.

List of gifts for your Woman


Hair dryer

A woman having a bad hair day will throw hell on you so you might as well get her a hair drier. Buy one that is not noisy and dries her hair quickly for those days she has to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders.


Sometimes all your woman needs is peace and noise-cancelling headphones will serve this purpose. Whether it is the teenager son who keeps his music too loud or she is a career woman who takes many plane rides, headphones are perfect.

Lipstick holder

If your woman is the kind who loves to add a pop of colour to her lips, then a lipstick holder will help her keep the bathroom organized.


We can't stop time, but we can capture each moment and keep it for life. If your wife loves to take photos and videos, a camera will help keep those memorable moments alive.

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